What to know before getting a drawing tablet?

What to know before getting a drawing tablet?

Once upon a time, artists could only use their sketchbook and pencils or colors to create an artwork. But, with time things have changed. Nowadays, artists have started using digital tablets in order to draw their ideal artworks. If you are a digital artist and want to pursue the career in a professional manner, then you have to invest in a good drawing tablet. With so many options available in the market, how are going to determine the best among them all?

Check out these top things you have to consider when you buy a new drawing tablet.

  • Pressure Sensitivity – every drawing tablet comes with different pressure sensitivity that ranges between 300 – 3000 levels. The harder you press your stylus, the greater pressure will be inflicted on the pen and the line is going to get thicker. This feature helps you to make finer distinctions which are crucial in high-resolution drawings.
  • Size of the tablet – considering the size of the tablet is very essential. There are two factors that you have to keep in mind – size of the active area and the overall device as well. Try to purchase a tablet that offers a bigger sized drawing area. This enables you to draw in more available space, thus helping you make greater distinctions between the artworks. Increased visibility is always a positive sign for artists. At the same time, the total size of the area is also important. If the tablet is too bulky, it will be difficult to travel around with it. For those who travel a lot, compact tablets are the best.
  • Tablet resolution – the better resolution your drawing tablet offers, the more details you can add to your drawings. Bigger tablets have much higher resolution when compared to smaller ones. The differences in resolution that exist between same sized tablets are not that extensive. So, double check the resolution your tablet offers to you. If you want to draw high resolution images and other digital art works then getting such a tablet will help you.
  • Battery backup – one of the most crucial things to consider when getting home a new drawing tablet is the battery backup it offers. High-end models usually offer good battery backup to their users. Whereas the budget oriented devices run out of charge quickly. If you are going to travel frequently, then choose a device that offers 4 – 5 hours of backup. The overall capacity of the battery will depend on the size of the screen, the model, the battery capacity in mAH, and the kind of features it offers. A drawing tablet that has a bigger active screen size consumes more charge.

Final Words – these are some of the top things that you have to consider when you are going to buy a brand new drawing tablet. Make sure to keep in mind each of the points that we have discussed above. They will help you to judge the right drawing tablet and you will get your hands on the device that suits you the best. Visit iskn.co and find out the top devices which are the best for your artworks.

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