Managing cybersecurity concerns: Easy steps in budget!

Managing cybersecurity concerns: Easy steps in budget!

Even a small security breach can have a cascading effect on your business. Beyond the financial losses, there could be serious concerns related to brand image, and it may take months to recover from the damage. To prevent such incidents, the first step is to take necessary cybersecurity measures, and that doesn’t have to be expensive or about massive budgets. In this post, we are sharing more on how to manage security concerns in budget. 

Never assume your business is safe

No matter how much you spend or think of cybersecurity, never make the mistake of assuming that you are 100% immune to cybercriminals and hackers. Keep in mind that even the smartest brands have suffered phishing attacks, and almost one in every ten small businesses have gone through a security incident. In other words, never let your cyber defenses down. 

Get your employees involved

If you really care about cybersecurity, you have to take basic steps to ensure that your business is 100% safe, for which the involvement of your employees and teams is critical. Bring down the departmental silos and make collaboration happen. Answer these basic questions to identify where you stand in terms of cybersecurity awareness of employees – 

  1. Are your employees aware of phishing and malware attacks?
  2. Do they know safe browsing and email usage policies?
  3. Are your employees trained on cybersecurity?
  4. Do they know about recent attacks on small businesses?
  5. Are your employees using a password manager?
  6. Do you have an existing system for management of access rights?
  7. Is your business spending money on cybersecurity training during onboarding? 
  8. Do employees use personal devices for office work?
  9. If yes, do you have a BYOD policy in place? 
  10. Do your employees know how to report a security incident?

Create an incident response plan

What happens following a cybersecurity breach? An incident response plan basically outlines the steps that must be followed. Encourage your employees to report phishing emails, or anything that they think is a cybersecurity concern. They should be allowed to report the same to the IT team and get your security experts to work immediately. There is no straight way of managing all cybersecurity concerns, but when your teams work in time, they can minimize damage considerably. 

Check online now to find more on how other companies are doing cybersecurity within a budget, and keep an eye on emerging threats, so that you can update and improve your measures accordingly.

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