Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Based Web Development

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Based Web Development

Cloud-based applications are dominating the entire world. According to recent research, at least the cloud is hosting 94% of the websites. Cloud computing is becoming extremely popular in e-commerce and other business platforms.

Cloud-based popularity is because it promotes the scalability of applications and enhanced productivity. Cloud-based systems reduce traffic costs and also lower equipment costs. A cloud website makes your business operations streamlined and provide your business with ideal flexibility. The best possible solution for any business platform is moving all the applications on the cloud-based platform.

Below is a detailed guide on all the information that you need regarding cloud-based web applications.

What are the specifications of cloud-based applications?

  1. Cloud applications have significant advantages, and they are different from web applications on numerous levels. The characteristics of cloud apps are as follows:
  2. You can avail of cheap cloud hosting and increase the reliability of your website.
  3. Cloud-based apps are easily maintained, and you can also install updates gradually.
  4. The user can access the data that is stored on the cloud anytime, anywhere. They only need a digital platform and a secure internet connection.
  5. Cloud apps are available 24/7, and you don’t need to worry about the down-time of your app or website.
  6. A cloud-based web app is an automated system, and you can analyze, monitor, control, and report the data anytime you like.
  7. Cloud computing is economical because it is a one-time solution that you only have to pay for once. It saves the monthly and yearly costs of the organization, and you only have to pay for the maintenance if required.
  8. Cloud computing brings ideal flexibility with itself, and it is a scalable solution for countless companies.

Cloud computing categories

Cloud-based apps have vast series, but most of the services fall into the following categories.


SaaS, also known as software as a service, is a public cloud computing. It delivers applications on the internet through the browser. SaaS application typically offers configuration as well as customized development environments that let the user code their modifications and additions in the service.


IaaS is an infrastructure as a service. It is also a public platform, and it offers storage and computes services that the user can modify as per their demand. This service provides the use of high scalable databases, virtual private networks (VPN), and bid data analytics. Amazon Web Services was the first-ever IaaS provider.


PaaS is known as a platform as a service. It provides a set of services and workflow that facilitates the developer to share the tools, APIs, and processes. Develop can use this service to accelerate the development, testing, and deployment process of the application. PaaS ensures that the developers have access to all the resources.


FaaS referred to function as a service. It adds a layer of abstraction to the application and lets the developer set a block of codes. By using this service, a developer can set the codes to trigger at a specific event. The advantage is that FaaS consume no resources until the event occurs.




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