Inspiring ideas to recurrent giving in churches

Inspiring ideas to recurrent giving in churches

Churches usually go through regular dips in the summer months. This has benchmarked a new set of challenges. Still, these churches keep their eyes close on the complete budget and funds. Thus, increasing the giving is quite essential and can be ignited by providing promoting recurring gifts. The church members can select the amount and frequency of gifts for managing the giving account. On offering recurring gifts, people will never think about missing the donation. There are some ideas, or you can say tips for enhancing the recurring giving program.

  • Start it with ease

Firstly, evaluate the current recurring options before starting recurring gifts. Mind that no one will join if the process is too complicated or they are unable to understand. FaithTeams can make the recurring giving option easy and remind the people on time for the next donation by using effective Church Software. On submitting the contribution, you can check a box for finding the recurring gifts. 

  • Educating the donors about setting up the recurring gifts

Always share the steps with donors regarding sign up for recurring gifts. Put the video tutorials and written instructions on websites, emails, or social media. The additional information is always helpful for the users and encourages them to join the churches. 

  • Put the focus on recurring gifts

It might be possible that people know about recurring giving and how to sign up for it. Some people like to make an impact on others when the community is suffering. By looking at them, others also provide their help and donate regularly. 

The churches can share such stories and how they used recurring gifts. Moreover, they can share their plans with the members for recurring gifts that will provide in the future. 

  • Giving reminders to church members about recurring giving

This is a crucial step to remind about recurring gifts and send thank you emails. In case if members miss the gifts because of vacations, family engagements, natural disasters, or any other reason, guide them about how they can access gifts further. 

Church Software offered by FaithTeams is serving churches all around the world. The software is characterized by all features to help churches maintain their work. With this, it is easy for the churches to find the information about their members, send text messages or emails, track the attendance, and many others without any hassle. 

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