The Best Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Try Out in 2020

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools You Should Try Out in 2020

Social Media has revolutionized and transformed the way businesses market their brands and products online. Many platforms have developed new tools to help marketers engage with audiences on social media in creative and quick ways. In the current competitive market, companies need to keep up with current trends and use marketing intelligence platforms to keep up with consumer changing behavior, demands, and the ever-evolving trends.

The Two Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Social Media Marketing Tools

The best social media tools target two main points in the market; Market and Consumer Intelligence. Below are the two main essential things to target

  1. The best social media tools will help you better understand your potential and current customer behavior and their feelings towards your brand. The device should analyze and aggregate social media forums, consumer reviews, news articles, customer reviews, and blog posts that would affect your target market.
  2. The best marketing tool should help you better recognize the significance of specific industries and companies to your target market through market research. This also means it should capture any patent applications, company profiles, news articles, job site reviews, academic papers, and social media posts that can ultimately affect the market.

Best Social Media Tools

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid offers an impeccable blend between consumer analysis and Artificial Intelligence marketing. The platform provides market intelligence and will show you what is trending within different industries and cultures. It will show you what and where people are buying while showing you how different trends are affecting different business avenues in the world. The NetbaseQuid platform will offer you a complete picture of a comprehensive industry landscape to help you identify new themes, emerging topics, and critical opinions.

Post Planner

This is a software that helps you schedule Facebook status updates. Post planner has also developed and focused its focus on assisting companies to increase their engagements with their customers on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. The software also helps you effortlessly identify top-performing content for any topics, hashtags, or social media accounts. This information can help you quickly come up with content and updates that will increase your reach, engagement, and eventually, your traffic. Post planner is the best social media tools for businesses that want to improve their engagement and post more engaging and targeted content.


Sensible is a full social media marketing tool that allows you to schedule updates, engage with your audience, and monitor your social media account results. It works with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, blogs, and publishing websites. With the new RSS Posting Feature, Sendible will help you frequently post relevant content at different intervals throughout the day for your target audience and customers to engage with. Sendible is an easy interface to use with cool extra features that integrate SMS and email marketing.


Sprout is connected with all major social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. It also has a Smart Inbox-like feature that gathers all your social media messages in one place, making it easy for you to manage and respond to everything that needs your attention. You can also quickly review any of your team member’s engagements and activities.


Today, many companies that use social media marketing can select numerous social media tools to help them streamline their marketing campaigns. However, remember not to get stressed with decision-making anxiety that will make you try to read and understand everything on the internet. Take some time and do extensive research without overloading your brain with too much information.

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