3 Lightning Android Chargers that You Must Try

3 Lightning Android Chargers that You Must Try

Choosing the right android charger is a tricky decision to make. That’s mostly because the life of the battery depends upon the charger. Since many phones (no matter how expensive) have, and still do, suffer from battery damage due to the poor quality of chargers, it’s time that you make a switch to the new versions of chargers, the Lightning Chargers. We have made a list of the 3 best Android lightning chargers that are too good to overlook. Dive in to find out more details. 

  1. The Auto-Disconnect USB-C Fast Lightning Charger by Mcdodo

This is one of the most advanced Mcdodo charging cables for Android phones. Some of its benefits that won’t disappoint you are as follows. 

  • It’s not one of those chargers that break in no time. It is a braided nylon charger. So, no matter how much it bends, it will neither crack nor break. Hence, it’s a lifetime charger in the true sense. 
  • This lightning-fast charger easily fills the battery up to 50% in no more than 30 odd minutes. 
  • It’s a smart sense charging cable because it detects when the internal battery is full. Once full, the charger automatically and immediately stops the current from flowing inside the battery. This prevents overheating. 
  • The breathing LED is a boon since it displays the battery status in pitch dark too.
  1. The Ergonomic USB-C 90 degree Auto-Disconnect Charging Cable by Mcdodo

It’s much more than a basic lightning charger since it offers much more than fast charging. 

The connectors are designed to be at an angle of 90° with the phone. The benefits of this feature are as follows. 

  • The battery will be protected from overheating damage. 
  • The phone will not slow down. 

Last, but not least, the wire is nylon braided to prevent breaking. 

  1. The Retractable 3-in-1 Fast Charging Cable by McDodo

This android charger has been tested to easily function at its best even after 15k pulls. Clearly, the life of this charger is very very long. Next, it has all three major ports (lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB). So, it can support all devices and the best part is that it can support 3 devices at the same time. 

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